Get up and running with your own streaming video-on-demand service.

Our hosted platform employs top-tier video delivery and responsive, cross-device playback to wow audiences.

You no longer need to worry about servers, hosting, bitrates or app development with - our solution is turn-key and can be beautifully customized to meet your branding requirements, allowing you to simply deliver great content to your audience.

Feature Overview

  • Save money and time:
    Access your market immediately, without the headache of designing and developing a custom VOD solution; once your account is live you can start adding titles to your catalog for your audience to enjoy.
  • On the web and iOS: Cross-device compatible:
    Our responsive web themes support the display of your site on mobile devices, tablets and PCs. Plus, our platform also gives you a universal iOS app - which means that your audience will love watching titles on their iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices.
  • Customizable design:
    Our customers can choose from a light or dark theme for their web/tablet/mobile apps or work with us to further customize their interfaces.
  • Subscription monetization:
    Start monetizing your content through subscription revenue; your SVOD service will integrate with Paypal and Stripe; offering members the ability to pay for their subscriptions using Paypal or any major credit card (American Express, VISA, Mastercard.)
  • Flexible content highlighting:
    You choose which titles to highlight in dynamic front-page slideshows, and can instantly flag titles to appear, or be hidden from, your iOS mobile/tablet app.
  • Dynamic content discovery:
    Titles can be searched by your audience using meta tags (incl. genre, language, actor, writer, director) plus similar titles automatically list on each film page. Clicking on any meta tag site-wide will list all relevant titles. Members can add titles to a watch-list to view later and all rated titles list dynamically once logged in.
  • Social networking:
    Titles can be shared on social networks with embedded widgets, optional Facebook Connect login and more...
  • A complete video solution, with options:
    Video file ingestion & transcoding, DRM, hosting and delivery with adaptive bitrate streaming, customized HTML/Flash player configurations and robust analytics.

Client Example:

GetFilmi is a curated service that streams the best Indian cinema to a global audience. Their catalog includes classics, independent titles, documentaries and Bollywood blockbusters.

Our platform powers GetFilmi's subscription video service which lets members watch an unlimited number of titles from their catalog for just $5 per month.

Native iPad app walk-through

In this video you'll see the app's integrated social network sharing, thumbnail genre representation, native video playback with multilingual subtitles, search function and more.

Web/Desktop app walk-through

In this video you'll see a member login with Facebook connect, browse films by category and cast name, add titles to a watch-list and then play the video with various different closed captions - scrubbing through the film using automatically displayed hover thumbnails.


Our platform is cloud-hosted and built with scalability in mind. Employing adaptive bitrate streaming over global CDN with closed captions, your content is sure to reach audiences anywhere in the world with the smoothest streaming possible, and because our stack is hosted in the Rackspace cloud, we can spin up additional server resources on-demand.

Here are some of the technologies we use:


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